3 IoT Stories To Read This Week by Romin Irani- Part 12

In this week’s stories, we look at how Bioelectronics is poised to revolutionize patient healthcare. We then take a look at how a vertical farm could be the future of producing year long vegetables without compromising on quality. Finally, we see how IoT is helping out in Asset Management for utility companies.

It’s a Drug! It’s a Tech! It’s Bioelectronics: We know about how technology and specifically sensors are playing an important role in healthcare. Specifically we are used to sensors tracking symptoms thereby providing valuable inputs into patient care. But what about sensors in the body that are not just receptive to data that the body is given out but can also directly control and act on it. The article provides a fascinating glimpse into how medicine and technology are pushing the limits to how diseases will be detected, managed and controlled in the future. Several of the breakthroughs are being piloted and are often the result of close collaboration of both pharmaceutical and technology firms. For e.g. using electrical signals in the body to fight diseases, a smart contact lens with an embedded glucose sensor to monitor diabetes, Cochlear implants that help the hearing impaired by stimulating neurons in the brain’s auditory cortex, an electrode implanted in a paralyzed man’s brain, connecting it to a sleeve on his wrist, effectively allowing him to move his hand with only his thoughts and more. Read the article for what’s coming in the future for managing health care. Also read about how an implant plans to give you sixth sense?

Are vertical farms the future?: A vertical farm is a fully controlled facility where vegetables and herbs are grown in vertical stacked layers without the use of natural sunlight. Growing conditions are highly controlled with the management of light, temperature, soil and more. It almost sounds like the experiment might not succeed or may result in produce that does not rank high in the quality vis-a-vis nutritional value, freshness, etc. A vertical farm experiment conducted in Japan along with Phillips Lighting has proved results that are very encouraging. The project has been in operation for over a year and has successfully produced lettuce in a vertical farm that has received high rank in terms of the quality. The farm in Fuji, which started in March 2015, is now producing 12,000 lettuce heads a day and is one of the largest farms using horticultural LED lighting. The success of this project could transform vertical farms into a viable option in the future where the produce can be grown in a controlled fashion all-year long without depending on the weather and seasonal patterns.

How IoT is revolutionizing Asset monitoring for utility companies:Asset Management has historically been an area that has always adopted technology to help maximize the utility of any type of asset that is there in an organization. The article highlight areas where IoT is helping out utility companies specifically when it comes to managing their assets. Asset management is not just about reporting on performance or issues, but using this data for actionable intelligence. It is also about reporting issues as early as possible when it comes to breakdown and maintenance done in time is more valuable than an expensive repair, replacement and loss of revenue. Asset Health is now being done via embedded cameras, tiny robots, and various sensors. In a Smart Grid, Asset Management has now shifted to understanding the load / usage for each of the asset so that reserve load can then be provided to others. This is done not just locally but across the grid too. Other examples of how IoT is helping out out in areas of Fleet Management and water utility companies is discussed in the article.

In related IoT news, it comes as no surprise to note that a majority of companies collect IoT but then do not make use of it. The survey clearly shows that companies are still in the technology phase of capturing data and have yet not figured out how to process it further to gain insights or probably do not know at this point what to do with it. Do check out an excellent analytical piece of the opportunity that self-driving cars present to change our cities for the better, provided we don’t let them destroy it.

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