3 IoT Stories To Read This Week by Romin Irani- Part 13

In this week’s stories, we look at how IoT can make a difference to 3 domains: retail, banking and education. We also highlight the current state of privacy in IoT and how companies are now educating us on IoT best practices. Finally, we take a look at why Internet of Things will give rise to Artificial Intelligence.

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IoT in Retail, Banking and Education: The Internet of Things has made significant inroads into multiple domains. Early adopters in these domains are now well beyond simple Proof of Concepts using IoT and instead are integrating it, thereby resulting in more efficient and new processes. The links given for each of the domains: Retail, Banking and Education give a glimpse on how IoT can play a key role in transforming these domains. For example in the Education sector, an increase use of devices, available of courses on multiple mediums, tracking the learning process are all things that fall well into the IoT realm. However the article is balanced and does point out that in order for that to succeed, there will be a key need to ensure that it is secure, new and efficient network protocols, data storage and powerful data analysis tools. If you are into these domains and are thinking of changing key processes and understanding where IoT can fit in, these articles contain some good points to look at.

IoT and Security: If you have been following news on IoT of late, the number one concern for those implementing IoT projects and for teams waiting to get started with it, is security. The initial implementations of software that has come embedded in these devices has not helped either, where in a mad rush to the market, security concerns have often been compromised. Check out this article to better understand the state of privacy in IoT devices today. Given the fact that most of the data eventually needs to be transmitted, stored and analyzed , it is a given that security standards vis-a-vis confidentiality are given its due importance. A positive outcome out of all this has been that security is now centre stage when it comes to IoT applications. Research firms have been at the centre stage in their recommendations around IoT security but large IoT platform vendors too, notably Microsoft now have a dedicated pages on IoT Best Practices. If you are in the process of delivering an IoT platform or choosing one, a strongly recommended suggestion is to put security among the top 3 criteria.

Why IoT will give rise to Artificial Intelligence? : An interesting article that builds a credible scenario of how the data collected by devices is eventually going to lead to a process of deciphering the data and taking automated actions based on it. The article gives us the current state of activity in IoT, which is to collect the data and push it further on for processing. So while it is perfectly plausible to analyze the data later on and gain insights from it, the author mentions that focus is going to shift more and more to the edge, where the data is not just collected and processed closer to the device but machine learning techniques will kick in to understand the data and take intelligent actions based on that. These actions might take into consideration previous history, the context, patterns and more. Chatbots are the current incarnation where automated programs are doing tasks almost human like. The Internet of Things is likely to take this mainstream and Artificial Intelligence is the frontier that IoT will help likely accelerate.

In other news, Google is rumored to have developed a new operating system, named Fuchsia, that is stated to run on virtually anything. If the reports are true, it is a clear indication that with the staggering range of devices that IoT is expected to usher in, an operating system is probably a great move.

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