3 IoT Stories To Read This Week by Romin Irani - Part 2

In this week’s edition, we look at what Oral-B is doing with an IoT enabled Toothbrush to create a business model, a Reference Architecture for communicating about your IoT product and access to excellent Sensor Data Sets on the web.

What A Toothbrush Can Teach Us About IoT Business Model: A Toothbrush is what all of us use everyday for our dental health. In this highly competitive market, the main goal of companies selling us dental healthcare products like a toothbrush is to get visible space in the retail outlets vis-a-vis other competitive products. In this article at TechCrunch, Michael Vakulenko writes how Oral-B, a toothbrush maker, went a step further to boost its business model by doing two key things: announcing a Bluetooth enabled Toothbrush and most importantly, opening up a SDK to allow developers to build apps that communicate with the toothbrush. The later is key since this opens up engagement with the user of the toothbrush at levels that even Oral-B could not have imagined. The SDK provides developers information to session data, brushing time, pressure and more. The article explains how one possible app could use this information to gamify and reward kids that are regular with the dental hygiene. The goal is to create a unique business model around IoT and this is a great example of how we could look at our own IoT products and possible ways to monetize and boost the ecosystem around it.

Looking for IoT Sensor Data Sets: One of the problems that we often face is that of available of ready datasets for us to analyze. Are there any publicly available sensor datasets that you could download and analyze today, not just from a learning point of view but maybe you have built out a IoT analytics tool and want to look at certain types of data and a lot of it. This is a great link that gives you access to multiple data sets, primarily around energy, urban planning, healthcare, engineering, weather, and transportation sectors. If you are a budding data scientist and wish to have access to quality IoT data, this could well be your source.

Simplifying IoT Conversation: A great article that lays down the foundation on how best to effectively convey information about your IoT product. William Schmarzo mentions in the article that one of the problems with IoT communication today is that the conversation often veers towards hype and talk that does not convey the right information. So how you communicate about your IoT product to the audience, where do you place your product, what problem does it solve? Is it just an IoT device or do you provide IoT infrastructure, Data Analytics Tools and eventually what is the business value that you provide? He explains this by outlining a reference layer architecture that can help you communicate the message. The layers, starting from the bottom include, Connectivity, Infrastructure, Big Data and Business Value.

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