3 IoT Stories To Read This Week by Romin Irani - Part 3

In this week’s edition, we look at IoT security and how Machine Learning can play a vital role, Singapore’s plan for a mega Smart City and how the intersection of UX and IoT could completely define a new era for application design and interaction. Plus a look at some of the interesting IoT projects that are looking for crowdsource their way to success.

  • Is Machine Learning the Key To IoT Security: As anyone who has implemented sensor solutions, it should come as no surprise that these devices were programmed to do very specific things and security was not really built into them. With thousands of similar devices now being deployed, the threat of security is real should a hacker understand how these devices operate. Given this, companies are working hard to address IoT security. The article looks at various approaches and the common pattern is to take all the device interactions, with both server and other devices and apply it against patterns that do not look as per the norm. With advances and availability of Machine Learning techniques and platforms, solutions are applying that to identify potential security threats. Since Machine Learning is still in its infancy, it comes as no surprise, that the solutions are looking to implement a hybrid solution involving both humans and machine to take the fight against hackers and ensure IoT is secure.

  • Singapore is taking Smart City to a whole new level: Singapore that is often known for its strict regulations and monitoring to ensure law enforcement has committed itself to building out what is possibly the most advanced data collection via sensors project across a country. The project aims to deploy thousands of sensors across the city to monitoring multiple things including public behaviour, traffic, roads and more. The data is meant to be fed into a large hub akin to a “Crystal Ball” that will help authorities manage and respond to events. While the agencies have not clearly spelt out the range of applications that will be built, the goal is potentially to encourage innovation. The biggest challenge in this project will be to ensure that citizens privacy is respected when it comes to data collection.

  • UX Meets IoT: An interesting article that explores what the intersection of User Experience (UX) and Internet of Things (IoT) is about. With most people interacting with their devices, the article argues that the need for most applications and fancy screens will likely go away with multiple interactions happening at the backend, which will form the backbone of the service. It is all going to be about an integrated context that will give the optimum user experience to the user.

And as an additional bonus this week, we celebrate the inventors who want to take their next generation ideas on IoT products ahead. Often the mechanism to take these ideas to a reality is to get them crowdsourced and ReadWrite have compiled a list of some of the best crowdfunded ideas that they have received in IoT. Check out some of them, you might be able to get in among the early backers, which means early adopters.