3 IoT Stories To Read This Week by Romin Irani - Part 4

In this week’s edition, we look at how IoT can help fight climate change, Samsung’s foray into the cloud with Artik - its IoT cloud and the potential change in how data centers are built due to increasing Machine 2 Machine communication.

  • How IoT can help fight climate change: An interesting article that highlights how the environment stands to benefit via the widespread adoption of IoT. The synergy that will occur across different industries that includes transport, city management, agriculture via a smart use of devices will ultimately help in reducing the carbon footprint. The article goes on to list down areas which will see a direct impact by IoT devices and those include smart agriculture techniques that will lift sections of society living in rural areas, forest departments across the globe that will increasingly use IoT devices to monitor vast tracks along with illegal activities and a rise in public-private partnerships to jointly implement IoT solutions that will see better governance.

  • IoT may create a new breed of data centers: With millions of devices being connected and transmitting data, the nature of data centers is also likely to change. The article argues that data centers so far have been created more with the user in mind and will have to increasingly have to cater to data traffic from devices. These devices are likely to have a more rigid way of reporting data and will need new approaches on the part of data centers to handle incoming data, identify patterns, build in data validation techniques and more. M2M Traffic will be different and will need data centers to compartmentalize workloads.

* Samsung launches IoT Cloud: You would not expect Samsung, that is known for its hardware to make a foray into the Cloud business. But it has done exactly that with the launch of Artik, a cloud catering to Internet of Things. The move comes along at a time when Samsung wants to increasingly look beyond just phones and cater to connectivity for its range of Smart Home devices. Analyst Janakiram MSV pragmatically breaks down Samsung Artik capabilities by highlighting that its features are still primitive in terms of an IoT platform and apart from device connectivity, management and basic analytical tools, the Samsung Artik Cloud does not have much to offer. Given that it is built on AWS cloud and with IoT offerings from Amazon, Microsoft and other players, Samsung will have a difficult time to differentiate itself here.