3 IoT Stories To Read This Week by Romin Irani - Part 6

In this week’s edition, we talk about the much awaited $20 Amazon Dash button that got sold out within a day. We also take a look at how IoT will continue to drive jobs and how Beacons are now ripe for the next level of adoption in customer engagement.

  • AWS IoT Button - To Buy or Not: Amazon announced a Dash button last year, which allowed consumers to directly place order for items with the push of the button. Developers have been asking for a programming button that let them integrate with their services of choice and Amazon is finally out with a Dash Button that costs $20. The button was sold out within a day and is currently out of stock. But should you purchase the button? There are arguments both for and against it. The doubters point out that currently this button is closely integrated with various AWS services like AWS Lambda, AWS Dynamo and more. Plus the battery will last only 1000 presses and is not replaceable. But at the same time, it is a good way to get started with the button and explore the various integrations. What do you think?

  • IoT to drive the jobs of tomorrow: It is often wondered if there is going to be a loss of jobs given that sensors and automation are taking over. This article gives a general view of the kinds of jobs that will be needed to power the applications of tomorrow. It also provides a glimpse into the changing nature of certain jobs like marketing, where the data will be coming in from various sensors and at a much higher expected rate. It is clear to everyone, that sensors/machines will replace certain tasks in the near future that can be automated and not entire processes or design/implementations of applications where humans would still be needed.

  • Are Marketers ready to lead customer engagement with Beacons: Beacons have been around for a long term and they promised a new way to engage with customers via a combination of context and location. Ever since Apple started supporting Beacons and with Google’s support for Beacon technology too, there has been a lot more case studies that have demonstrated that Beacons are making rapid strides in customer engagement. The journey is still in its infancy though and marketers have not yet taken full advantage of them. This article demonstrates multiple projects in which they have been successfully employed along with lessons learnt, which are valuable if you are planning to deploy beacons.