3 IoT Stories To Read This Week by Romin Irani - Part 8

In this week’s edition, we share stories about how IoT data is going to be the key to understand how your products perform and for transforming the organization. We also look at how an ex-Cisco engineer is going about bringing out a revolution by starting an IoT Hub in Coimbatore. Finally we take a look at IBM’s plans for IoT.

Using IoT Data To Understand How Your Products Perform: An excellent article that highlights how organizations worldwide are increasing their investment into enabling IoT in their products. Most product companies now are enabling IoT sensors into their products to help them understand how the product is performing. The key is to constantly monitor the data from the products, ensure that they are working, predict if there is going to be an issue and to possibly fix it in a timely and responsive manner. The article correctly predicts that successful organizations will invest into this mechanism for products. What is interesting to note is that this is going to encourage multiple new behaviours in organizations which includes letting the customers know that the products are being monitored, ability to accept the issues that the product is giving them and an ability to process and act upon data.

Ex-Cisco Engineer Helps Fuel an IoT Hub: Coimbatore is not a place that you would usually associate with having an ecosystem that is fostering startups. But that is exactly what Vishwanathan Sahasranamam, an ex-Cisco Engineer has been helping to foster. He runs Forge, which is a hub for both hardware and software companies in the IoT space. Given that top engineering institutions in the state are in and around the area along with emerging companies that have decided to invest and work on IoT, the hub is proving to be very helpful to them in helping them out at multiple levels that includes incorporating certain sensors, design and more. Forge is also partnering with venture funds and is soon going to launch its accelerator program to take this to the next level. Check out the various programs at Forge.

IBM and IoT : An informative article on the multiple projects that IBM has been working on in the field of IoT. Hariett Green, who heads the new IoT division at IBM gives an overview on what IBM’s plans are in the space and the various initiatives that they have been involved with as part of the Smart Planet program. Key projects highlighted include the example of how Beijing has been actively using sensors to track pollutants that has resulted in a 20% reduction. Equally interesting is IBM’s plan to form a new IoT Watson initiative that will make use of their powerful Watson AI capabilities along with IoT to create solutions. IBM has chosen Munich as its global center for IoT iniatives. The city beat out many other cities on multiple fronts and key among them was also proximity to its flagship clients : Airbus and Siemens.