A little help, Trons

Although it’s very, very late (I’m extremely sorry), I’ve finally been able to upload a video on the latest Oreo update on SRT Phone. I know almost everyone has already updated to the latest version to make a decision based on this video. But this is my very first upload and video editing was not my cup of tea. So could you please lend me some of your precious time and tell me your suggestions and opinions about this video after watching it? Thank you.
One of the main reasons I’m putting this video here is that the smartron team can know what all are the opinions of the users about the new update of the SRT Phone. So @smartron, @HSR @Abhishek_TV and everyone else in Smartron team, please watch this. And do your best in bringing out another update fixing all the aforementioned issues. Thanks in advance.
Here’s where to watch it: https://youtu.be/io_oTJrUZvI