A New and Updated Smartron Forum is Here!

Hello trons,

We have rolled out a bunch of improvements to our Community.

New Look and Feel: The new layout of the Smartron forum lets you:

  • View the top three discussions and threads for every category on the right side of the respective categories.
  • Uncategorized threads will now fall under one of the respective categories
  • Find all your queries, doubts and information that you are looking for, right on the first page of the forum.

Categories: In the new version, there are an array of categories for you to experience, some of them being:

  1. Downloads and Changelogs: Know all the latest software updates. technology trends and more, through the new downloads and changelogs category.

  2. Bugs, Issues and Fixes: Get your products bugs and issues fixed faster than before, whether it be a software or a hardware problem.

  3. Questions and Answers: Ask and enquire any number of questions regarding the products and services, and you can contribute to providing solutions for the same.

  4. Contest: Participate in contests to enjoy rewards for your contributions, watch out for exciting new contests popping up in this category.

  5. Fan Discussions: Debate on your knowledge on technology and IoT, services and engagement in discussions with other users of forum.

  6. Tips and tutorials: Engage in interesting tips from forum experts who will provide and discuss ideas with users on the different tech hacks you need to know about your electronic devices.

Tron Coins: Smartron believes in rewarding users, so a new feature will unravel itself soon; the ‘Tron Coins’ system, watch out for this in forum!

Moderators: Two moderators will now ensure that the forum discussions remain relevant, useful and engaging for all members. They are eligible to:

  • Block and suspend spam users
  • Pin and delete topics based on relevance
  • Edit, delete and archive posts and topics
  • Delete spam replies on posts

Nice update! The new layout is good and easy to use. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Yes, this surely looks a good layout. I like the way each of the categories have different color labels.
Keeps it visually distinct and intuitive.


Woo,thats great
Keep up the good work smart trons