Any update on the software front for Tphonep

Hello Abhishek, could you please apprise on software update for t phone p. It is been long time and can we expect update at least in this month???


You never receive any update for p …

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From beginning of purchase how many updates you get on t phone p

ZERO, that is why i am depressed for purchasing this device. Not even able root to enjoy custom themes which is also very bad design in the software.

@Abhishek_TV is smartron really working on an update for p. We just need an specific date for update release. And can you please write an article about what hardware or software drawbacks is smartron facing to push an bug fix and better optimisation update to p. If you no longer wish to work on p just unlock the bootloader and the rest developers will do. You can even try adding support for project treble, but I doubt smartron can do this because of lack of engineers with deep knowledge. It’s been 7 months since the launch of p and you could still not push an update and push new security patches. Don’t expect that our next product will be from smartron brand if you don’t listen and fulfill the needs of customers. Who will buy your new phone with better hardware if the software is not optimised. I bought p by seeing it’s hardware. If I could get this device in hand for testing before buying this phone I would never have bought this phone.


Mujhe lgta h company band ho gyi h nai to hone wali h tb hi koi development team ni h to updates kha se milega​:joy::joy::joy:


Please respond

@Abhishek_TV Please respond to this thread…we are waiting for your confirmation buddy…please let us know by when can we expect the update for t phone p.

Another phone launched last year got 8.1.0 update directly from 7.1.2 with june security patch. And this smartron p is not getting a single update since 7 months. @Abhishek_TV smartron surely needs to work on software more. And yes the update of tenor d phone is bug free.

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Use lesss software team they can’t give any single update from 7 months sham on u smartron. Team

I actually planned to buy another phone, but suddenly changed my mind and purchased this t phone p, expected better support by looking at t-care :(. But after purchasing i realized i made a big mistake for selecting this product and t-care never responds. They are least bothered about the customer it seems, at least they are not ready to respond the queries. The performance of the phone is like fuel in the bike it will reduce on the usage, after two months from my purchase date the phone is not able to recognize VOLTE and too much lagging in the screen when we do multi tasking so many bugs in the phone and purchasing it for 7999 is stupidity.

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Well it isn’t 8.1.0 it’s 8.0 which is full of bugs with January security patch and we were happy with 7.1.2 don’t want Oreo anymore.
Very bad update by SMARTRON

@Abhishek_TV Please respond

@Abhishek_TV u jus cant keep quiet. Dis is unacceptable

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Logo ka reply mat karna, bas besharmo ki tarah critical comments ko delete karenge ye… Kam se kam Criticism accept karna sikho… Bahot bura jayegi ye company agar aisi harkat hi rahi


Ab reply kar na kab hoga tera “very soon” kab update aayegi p pe? Ise bhi delete kar de @Abhishek_TV

We are facing some challenges regarding the P update. We will update you on the same. Also, request you to comment in English, so that all the forum members can understand it.

Again you are irritating us, can’t you talk little specific? Or fooling customers is your fulltime job there? What kind of challenges, will you please elaborate? And don’t deviate the topic in all this language tactics.
Smartron is good for not but making excuse and than extending them… Shame on you…
Now don’t delete this on like a shameless…

Well said bro :rofl::rofl:… Appreciated :clap::clap:
Aag lga di bhai… :fire::rofl:

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@Abhishek_TV, this post is to check the specific date/month and not to listen same old story. Please let us know can we expect the update in this month? or should we need to wait for few more months?. If possible please also allow us exchanging this device in flipkart by partnering with them, at least that way we can get better device.