Appreciating the OREO experience over SRT

All the mentioned points are based on personal observations & experiences:

1. PIP- it works cool , I find no issue here.
Google maps, telegram, vlc media player, chrome youtube , google duo app
It feels nice to do multi-tasking while watching a video or taking to family over video call

2. split screen : works smoother than android N

3 notification panel: I like it a lot. as I can edit & rearrange icons over panel as per my use

4.fingerprint : it has become faster than android N

5.UI : I like the UI as its compact & fast to switch between tasks & settings

6.icon shape change: I like “teardrop” icons :slight_smile: can change from launcher settings

7 transparent app drawer: It feels good to use in transparent background while going through app drawer (launcher settings ) lock by google : face look has improved a lot with oreo

call block : no need to install any third party for this. simply go to dialer & block all spams/unwanted calls

auto fill feature: its quite handy. if you same device for long, you don’t have to remember as google will do that for u. it will autofill login credentials
I used “lastpass” app too for a week. its really great ( 15 days free trial )

file manager: it has improved a lot from past nougat. its more easy to move & copy & look into images

smart text selection: its a little feature but kinda sweet when u copy something & google gives you suggestions
eg: copy a number &it will give suggestions for using phone app or copy some address , it will give maps icon to follow etc

13.snoozing notifications: We can now snooze any particular notification coming from an App … its cool in many ways.

last is tronx launcher: I know it is a little slow to load images, voice commands are not comparable to google & it has to improve.
I have an option to disable all permissions given to tronx& also I can disable app from settings
people are using third party launcher too :slight_smile:
I am using google now widget only & not getting disturbed by tronx if I don’t wanna use it. but I would like to help these guys in making the app better & better.

On a closing note: I would say that there are issue on all electronic devices which run on electricty :stuck_out_tongue: we better focus on solutions & help indian companies with our genuine feedbacks.

Every user may feel different & there are issues too but how can we deal with it matters the most, not ranting about it:)

Thanks to smartron for the update.

A simple user


Yes… Majority users skipping tronX launcher and using third party.


Thank you for your comprehensive review. Glad to hear that you liked most of the new features. We need your continuous support and love in order to become a truly global Indian brand. :slight_smile:


Hi guys can you bring back the long press to lock on fingerprint sensor or double tap on screen because it will be very handy as it’s not easy to double tap to lock on fingerprint sensor and in the notification bar plz

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@Abhishek_TV after updating Oreo WiFi issue is there speed of WiFi is very less and automatically turns off wifi

@Abhishek_TV Bluetooth issue IAM facing in Bluetooth that after connection of device suddenly it’s disconnected

Then what about the volume

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Actually I wrote something wrong
We need only two functionality
Long press vol up -->new song
Long press vol down --> previous song
Just only this
Normal click will increase or decrease the volume…


You can get this feature through headphone.

Wat if I don’t have buttons in earphone?

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How did you change the icon shape and made transparent app drawer. Are you using a third party launcher or tronX launcher?

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Thanks @samraj

Hi @atmsrinivasan Thank you for reporting the Wifi and Bluetooth issue. I will report to the concerned team.


use tronx launcher for this. its cool


Thanks for this. @truth_be_told

Very much appreciated



I didn’t see any option on launcher settings. All I got was the option to enable/disable permissions

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Hi @Abhishek_TV or @HSR, can NFC mobile pay can be implemented on this Oreo , if yes what is needed .It will be very helpful and also a flagship for Smartron srt.


Sorry brother no


Hey guys any one suggest me a good music player with folder read option


Hi Sir @PrasenRao ,
You can try “musixmatch” :slight_smile: