Battery not charging

My Tbook works only when plugged into mains power.

The battery light is on and the battery charges to 100% but as soon as the mains power is removed the battery immediately goes to 0% and the mains power has to be plugged in again.

This came on suddenly, is it a known problem, is there a fix even if temporary as I am currently travelling.

Or does the battery need replacing?

Tried Tcare and email but not hearing back even on chat.

Can u pls share your contact number or email I.d?

Smartron customer care

email is

Phone is 0044 7918768050

Told by TCare to try a new charger but I tried today and the new charger didn’t work, is the smartron charger a special Type C connector or should it be standard.

My original Smartron charger seems to be working fine, without it I would not be able to use the Tbook as immediately I take it off mains power the battery goes to 0% and the Tbook switches itself off.


Dear @Chaz,
Please share your location so that we can direct you to the nearest service centre or you can give us a call at 1800-3010-2866

Hello sir, i brought smartron tbook only few month before. At this time it have problem of not opening window. Charger should be charged, showing charger indictor. But it is not open. What should i do it.