Brand new t band not discoverable on bluetooth devices

I have purchased t band today morning via flipkart. I have charged it to full battery level and tried to pair it with t health app on my HTC U11 (Android 8) mobile phone. I found every other device except the t band which I literally placed beside my mobile. Let me know what to do.


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Hi @pradeep_dogga
Have you connected it to any other mobile before? If so, please unpair it first and try to pair again using the app.

No I have not. It is the first time I have charged it and it is not discoverable.

Have you double tap on the from the time screen? Could you able to see the pairing code on the

Yes it has shown the pairing code and the firmware and the MAC of the device. It is not being detected in the list of devices.

I have personally messaged you. Please respond.

Hi ,
I received T band as gift and I am not able to connect. I downloaded app , charged band and followed all steps.
but its not showing pairing code(4 digits) which I need to enter in my app.
Its disappointment, may be I have to return the product.

Please revert what I can do or I will return as return policy is of 10 days only.


Double tap on your to get the pairing code.

Yes I have done as written on mobile screen. When I double Tap , it directly showing steps or Hold to start exercise comment.


  1. How much time band should take to charge fully?
  2. Bluetooth of band is always on? asking coz sometimes its not searchable and app says charge your band fully and search again and sometimes app asks for pairing code which means device is found by Mobile.

so overall I am not able to connect it plz help :frowning:

@shubhada.dhavalikar You have to double tap from the screen where it shows the time. Also, double tap quickly.
When the battery is too low, the Bluetooth will be turned off and hence you have to charge the device. If that is the case, please charge your device and try.

I have purchased recently but I am not able to Sync with my 3 mobile phones.
Tried all Options

  1. pairing - Unpairing
  2. Resetting etc…

However i can see that reset, alarm are working but - Hearbit, BP and other data is not showing in mobile.

Can someone help on this

Have you updated the app from the Play Store? Still not working? Let the band die out of charge, wait for 2 hours and charge it fully and try connecting it again.

I tried on 3 mobiles… and for Sure app is installed from Play store yesterday. I hope it is the latest version.
I will try your suggestion and reply tomorrow.