Broken screen t phone p

I have accidentally break down my phone’s screen
It’s t phone p. Guide me, how can I get new one from smartron

Any way to get it online

Hi @Abhi-Thakur
You can visit the nearest service centre to repair.

What is the cost for the same ?

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You will get cost estimation report from the service centre.

What about the fix for sound quality of FM app ?.. it’s too bad… and kinda provide us another Separate music player app and video player app with equalizer for the same device as Google music eats a lot of battery … @Abhishek_TV @smartron @Sahul @RohitRathi


Yes u r right… also there is no equalizer support in it.


@Abhishek_TV @tcare They have mentioned 3 service center in hyderabad, but upon reaching the addresses i got to know only one is genuine. They asked for 3500 for the broken glass. He told me it will be completed within 10 days but after 30 days also same explanation that “the stocks are not available”. i asked them to give my phone back after 30 days and its been a junk since then. Totally waste of money. Also this brand is not available for any exchange offer on flipkart itself which sells this phone.

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Yes! Exchange thing is huge, which a real pain, no brand accepts exchange of P/Smartron on no where which makes us real looser…

You may please share the details of the service centres who denied the service.

Smartron team ko lottery lag gaye 4500 ka