Call Sound NOT CLEAR

Hello Friends & @Abhishek_TV

With my New SRT phone (all latest updates are successfully installed without a single issue) I myself & my call receiver + caller all have ONE COMPLAINT and that sound is not clear as usual.

My call received and even me too not able to hear sound clearly…

Some friends also ask me to shift to old phone (samsung/zte) where they hear me loud & clear and I also feel same thing… sound is too low & unclear, even I’m not able to hear my Cell service providers call clearly.

Please suggest how to improve CLEARITY along with LOUDNESS?

Is it hardware issue or Software bug?

If it’s hardware let me know and I can return mobile from where I purchased.

Please reply …

Thank you


  1. With JIO 4G Sim Card, I & my receiver found that Voice Clarity is Improved than with Vodafone 4G Sim.
  2. But over all CALL QUALITY is Not Satisfactory of SRT.Phone as compare to when the Sim Card was used with Samsung Duos/On5 & ZTE Phone

I get crystal clear sound

Hi @Smartee
Hold your phone straight while talking and check. However, we have received similar feedback from some customers and looking into this issue.


Do you mean Ear to Neck Direction and not Ear to Mouth Direction?

@Abhishek_TV : the call gets from bad to worse if we hold the phone next to the right ear. Since I’m getting sick of this issue, planning on getting the Tpods. Do you have any tests, benchmarks, data etc for your earphones & mic so that I can take a decision…?

Has quality improved ?

Is team SRT doing something to improve call quality ?