Camera sample for tphone

Hi guys… Can you provide us with untouched camera sample of tphone…

Search for smartron phone in youtube

Zameen, we didn’t quite get your question. Can you please elaborate?

I mean photos taken using tphone without any editing

we have asked our team to upload several raw pics. will post soon.

where is the camera samples ?.I am planning to buy a new phone but its been a long wait for tphone.would you be able to launch it before one plus 3 release.

And why there is no reviews available for this phone any where ?.i saw some reviews in youtube but those are from some unreliable online tech sites.Why dont you give it to Tech Redar,Cnet like reputed sites ?.

Reviews will start coming out later this week. Regard raw pics, we will get our team to post some pics.

BTW, phoneradar did give a score.


Its not a review just a spec comparison

sure. reviews are also coming shortly. Also, we have set June 23rd as sale date.

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These photos looks good .wanted to see the low light capabilities of phone.
Emi option available for purchase ?

added few more raw pics. Will add some low light as well. lot of work has been done on camera tuning. EMI option would be offered by our channel partners.

Awesome pics waiting for the panorma and low light ones…

added couple of more on the other thread that are taken at low light.

Here are some samples !

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Sorry to say that this photos cannot be trusted since it is uploaded by the company person i guess, and this may be the best shots after a long attempts.I would like to see photos from the real users.

Hello Sir,

It is okay to be suspicious. But here , there is no catch.
we are a part of the company and not allowed to share false info.
pictures uploaded are taken via camera.

"users can create fake ID’s and upload pictures too " but we despise these practices.

we are what we appear.


These photos look really cool

Are these taken after the software upgrade? If so, are these upgrades not pushed out to the users who already purchased the phone?