Despite spike in number of Indian start-ups, why are only few venturing into product-centric start-ups?

##Are we ready to come out of our comfort zone?

India finally seems to be turning tide on entrepreneurship, as we see thousands of start-ups mushrooming across India. Gone are the days where everyone expected you to take up a government job or a job at large with known Indian companies and MNCs. On a lighter note, working with unknown start-ups are no more impediments in getting a suitable match while looking out for a bride/groom! We see more and more engineers wanting to work in start-ups while more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into start-up world earlier than later.
These are all encouraging signs even though we still have a long way to go compared to other countries like US, Israel, China etc. We are still very much sticking to our comfort zone and focused on internet/app centric services and e-commerce models. But, the real value is in building products and global brands. Product-centric start-ups, especially, require totally different mindset and approach. They tend to take tens to hundreds of millions of dollars and five to ten years before reaching profitability.


While getting a match may become easier for engineers brought up in metros, same is still not true for engineers coming from non-metro cities. I do agree things are improving a bit though.

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The government should open up and provide more allocation of budget on base/seed funding to new startup ideas and products. I feel there should be more support to new startups women entrepreneurs. We have lot of potential to bring in new, creative and localized businesses.

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Completely agree. We notice that there are many entrepreneurs and teams developing some very interesting products and taking that early founder/promoter risk. But, they lack the ecosystem support in terms of scaling that idea with more capital, resources and market access. we got hundreds of start ups trapped at incubators and accelerators but cannot go any further due to lack of strong platform. we need to a product platform that can help to market these innovative products. At smartron, we are attempting to build one such platform.

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we need to create a domino effect. success feeds success. at smartron, we are trying to create a platform that we want to make it available for everyone to take advantage of in developing and marketing their products.

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Totally agree. Women founded start-ups per capita in India is very low if your compare it with China. To develop as a nation, we need strong business friendly ecosystem and state support. Men and Women are both essential to create innovative trillion dollar developed economies. With a billion+ population, China is the best example for Indians to follow.