Hi, I broke my SRT phone's screen

I tripped and fell down along with my phone on hand at home. It fell face down and the screen broke. Phone seems to be fine as I am sending this message using the same broken screen phone. Hope screens are available at secunderbad smartron service centre and hope to get a new screen fixed.


So sad to hear about the fall

Gorilla glass 5 would have helped. Considering that this phone tries to use the best hardware where ever possible staying within the limitations of price range, Corning gorilla glass 5 is a good to have feature; at least for the next product iteration.

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Let me know the screen price I have to change my screen as it is broken

Why the spares are not available anywhere in the market also in service centres

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I tried in Hyderabad’s Jagdish market well known for reliable repair services for all phone brands. Many shops expressed their inability looking at the phone. Many are not aware of this phone brand as well.

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I also broken my screen needs fixing or replacement

At last, I could pre-order screen replacement for my SRT phone paying Rs 1000 advance at SRT phone service center B2X Services in secunderabad. Expected cost of broken touch screen replacement is Rs 5500. Shall share final invoice once I get the Service done.

Is the screen available now let me know

I have pre-ordered paying rs1000 advance. Yet to receive the information about procurement of the screen from principals

Please anyone tell the srt phone touchscreen cost please I want to repair my phone

As recorded in the service order above, I have paid Rs 1000 advance and waiting for the past three weeks about arrival of the replacement part for the broken screen. Even escalated the problem to you (TCare) over the phone. Service centre is yet to receive the spare from smartron factory or whatever. I am sure Service guy isn’t lying about the part non availability. The issue is with smartron in providing spares to the service centres. Smartron and TCare wake up and rectify the situation. Regards Seshu Kumar

Is still display available or not

I too broke my phone. Its worst phone i have purchased ever. They are fooling us in the name of sachin tendulkar. stay away from this trash. another micromax kind of hardware.

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@sonuyadvendra19 You may complain if the screen replacement is going to take several days, but you can’t simply blame a model or brand just because your screen has broken accidentally.
I have been using this Phone since the launch and I have dropped it several times already (yes, rough use). It still managed to stay good and it has got only a few scratches. I would say srt phone has very good build quality as far as accidental drops considered.


i am blaming entire brand… because its trash. I didn’t use it even for a week due to overheating issues. and the day it was to be replaced it fell down and broke inside the box itself. so yeah. i blame its hardware. and now i have to pay Rs. 6000 for new screen. seriously… 6k for smartron screen?


6K is a bit high, I think 5k range is okay as far as other competitor products concerned. FHD display usually costs high.

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Redmi Note 4 using same screen. Its cost is Rs. 3300 only. My frnd got it replaced last week.

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Is that can be fixed to this Srt phone

Redmi screen don’t uses gorilla glass so it should be cheaper and redmi screen are available I local market so it is not sure that your friend got the genuine screen.