Hyderabad service center - extended warranty


I contacted tcare via email on 28 June regarding camera crash… They gave a couple inputs and after few exchanges, I was asked to contact the local service center.
First, the service center for Hyderabad is not at the said location as per website.
On 7 July, When I went to the service center, they responded that they don’t serve for extended warranty, you have to pay for it. If not contact Smartron.
I called tcare immediately and they asked me to send an email with same. No response till 10 July.
When I called up tcare on 10 July, representative said they would talk to their manager and inform about the result. But not sure if anything is moving there…
Now, when I call tcare, I was told they would put me in conference with the service center and put me on hold for long time and disconnected the call.

Please clarify about the sevice…

Sorry to hear that. Can you please send a follow up mail to tcare@smartron.com? In the meantime, our concerned team will be looking at this issue. @tcare

Well, looks like there’s no service centre in Hyderabad!
Or smartron is reluctant to serve srt_phone… tcare doesn’t care about extended warranty

We have one service centre in Hyderabad.

Sri Vinayaka Electronics
2nd Floor, 5-9-88/4/A, AAK Complex, Abids - 500001

040-32491885, 9346263736


Can you please call @tcare once more and check the status of the ticket?

Thanks for the info.
Before going to the service center, I wanted to call them up. But unfortunately, both the contact numbers given here donot work.

I tried calling up @tcare today morning. There was an automated response saying I would get a call back from someone. But no response till 4PM, I tried calling again, and there has been no courteous response from representatives.
One person held the phone for few minutes and hung it up. Next time, one person asked for details and hung the phone in between.
please note this is not the first time I am seeing this.
I can’t this response.

Not sure if @smartron @tcare will ever address my problem.

All the Best!

Hello @Abhishek_TV, I tried all the possible ways since June and no response till now of helping, leave alone the resolution.

Last I heard from tcare was on 31 Aug. Can you give me an idea of what you guys are upto?

Or should we take it up on a different forum?

FYI, the tollfree number 180030102866, now only says welcome to smartron, thank you for choosing smartron,
Any jokes going around with customers?

by the way, dear @Abhishek_TV, @RohitRathi, once I saw an Indian origin company coming up with a smart phone, I wanted to buy only form them and started with SRT Phone. But looking at the service, I am no longer with them.

I moved back to MI since you guys haven’t been responding for so long.

Very sorry to hear this. Can you please send a follow up mail to tcare@smartron.com? I will also escalate your issue.