I am not able to login in TronX in my T.phone T1550

I recently bought t.phone T1550 and I got Marshmellow updates too but not Android 7…
I also not able to login in TronX in my phone.
I also wonder why you are not able to give Android 7 update?

Please help

because you already got 1 Android os update…

No nougat update for t.phone. Qualcomm dropped support long ago for Snapdragon 810

Okay…So we cant expect the Oreo update also. right?

Okay…So No OREO updates will also get?

Phone discontinued and no further update. @vismithams


For tphone no Nougat and no updates furthur

no not At all… marshmallow is the last one…

Can anyone tell me that on which Android version t.phone was released.

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I think Marshmallow

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Hi @vismithams,
I am srt user and yesterday I bought t phone. t phone is on marshmallow Android version and as of now there is no update. But you have wonderful phone with best display and other features but two drawbacks in that phone is camera and no further update.


really good phone…but when we get latest android updates, android security will also updated and which is very imp.
I didnt noticed any such cons which can be mentioned besides not able to login TronX login and its has bugs

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released and stays in Marshmellow

I also not able to login in TronX in my phone. Please help

What error are you getting?

application is not displaying any error, but could not proceed the login.

Can you able to login from the browser?

Yes, i could able to login from browser. but not from my T.Phone mobile

Clear the cache of the app and check again. Also allow the required permissions.