Innovation infrastructure needs immediate attention! Product companies need extra government push

##Isn’t it time we had some serious product companies from India?

To participate and succeed in IoT, we must innovate both at product and platform level. Not just devices and systems, but also a platform where all these devices can talk to each other with a highly integrated cloud based services and support. That means India must first address the lack of innovation infrastructure i.e. societal appreciation for entrepreneurship, access to risk capital, conducive government policies and marketability. As such, government must device policies to encourage product companies, not just manufacturing companies. Make in India shouldn’t be just about manufacturing but should also be about making products. Over the last 15-20 years, while India focused on “services”, China though started with “manufacturing” but extended its focus to building actual products. It is time for India to take advantage of IoT wave and add both manufacturing and product capabilities in addition to services.
In order to ensure IoT is effective in India, we need a strong collaboration and coordination between government and the industry to provide IoT products, solutions and services without compromising privacy, security and safety of people.

Yes, the infrastructure needs quite a bit of attention. Don’t you think it is also a slow process since we are a developing country and things like these at times take a backseat? Though it shouldn’t!

Well sad to listen that you sold soft machines to Intel after having so much discussion on innovation and product centric startups.