Is p made in China?

Is p made in China (made by ZTE)?
Did smartron make anything in India?


Tphone is a rebraned ZTE phone. Smartron srt phone is designed in India. But India doesn’t have plants to build SoC and hardware. So, every OEM is importing from China


I agree with you. In some apps like"find my device", “Tata sky” it is showing as ZTE, I thought mobile is made by ZTE and Smarteon is doing only marketing. As you can see in the attachment.

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@Abhishek_TV @tcare

is this real… is all smartron phones are made in china or only tphone…

i have suggested to buy smartron mobiles to lot of my friends and relatives by saying these are made in India…


Another rebranded phone like micromax


Mobile is completely made in China only. They just print their brand. That’s it. Neithersoftware and nor hardware belongs to India and why they are developing tronx, am not understanding. Korbonn recently releasedTitanium frames s7, this is 100% clone of p, so both korbonn and smartron are selling Chinese smartphone under Indian brand.
Do you agree with me?

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This is common in Indian mobile industry. Don’t blame brands for that.
Every electronic device manufacturer gets parts from China.
Even Apple phones back side out can see “Designed in California, Assembled in China”.
Made in India is just a sticker put on phones to get income tax and import duties cheaper in India.
As government increased import duties, only Apple got affected not any other brand. Because they label as “Made in India”


Importing few parts is different and importing total device is different. Apple also gets but it has own factory in China.i know that no one can make entire device themselves.atleast they have to do something here.

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Hi trons,

As we have clearly mentioned in the package, Smartron P is manufactured by ZTE but engineered by Smartron under the powered by tronX program. You can check it in the build properties, where we have mentioned “ro.product.brand = Smartron” and “ro.product.manufacturer = ZTE”. Some apps might be reading the “ro.product.manufacturer” property, that is the reason why it is showing as the ZTE T5211.


Agreed :slight_smile:

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is SRT phone also same?

Please be specific… Is it the software part you have engineered or the hardware part or both?

Only software

Only software

Hardware is from ZTE and software is Android that belongs to Google. They designed Tron x. That is also not yet launched.

No difference between other brands and s
Smartron then.

Thankfully, no. This is an individually made projecT.

Design and engineered means both the software and hardware are designed by smartron and manufactured by ZTE…
This is same as we give all the commands to the computer and craft 3D structure and the 3D printer prints the same!!! In this case both has different abilities,computer can’t think in broad manner and it don’t have ability to rethink and explore…same way, humans don’t have that ability to copy the commands and make cutting edge product.

Nope wrong… Hardware was designed by ZTE this is a ZTE phone available in other countries… Smartron designed t he software part only…

hardware created by zte and software created by google …stamp created at backSide of phone by smArtron…:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::sunglasses: