ISRO : A world class Make in India example

The launch of a satellite for India’s own GPS shows ISRO’s innovations are clearly the best Make in India products and, at the same, the most cost-effective space programme in the world.


Is smartron working to introduce NAVIC in their upcoming phones @RohitRathi


That will be really cool.

Every device in India should use NAVIC instead of GPS or GLONASS, though it can have them as secondary to NAVIC.

However we must be cautious in using BeiDou Navigation Satellite System as Chinese smartphones that are marketed in India have already started having them in addition to GPS.


It could be difficult to add newly developed NAVIC in any smartphone, NAVIC needs a lot of calibration and improvements. Google maps may not work with NAVIC.

@RohitRathi plz tell yes or no , if smartron is thinking about it.

We will support NAVIK in future devices. You will see support for NAVIK in next refresh of Chipsets, which is next year… at present it needs discrete chip.


Sounds good :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: :smile:

Simply awesome… :slight_smile:
Glad to know that Team Smartron is purely made by Indian and make for the Indian…

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