It is shameful that india does not have a single company in the top 100 most valuable companies while china has 10

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Source: PwC Global 100; Bloomberg/PwC

A strong product ecosystem and good number of product brands with global reach are key to creating lot more value and wealth. So, India must create Apple, Google, Amazon, Intel, Oracle, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Alibaba, and Facebooks of the world driven by innovation, design and engineering. The so called Indian product companies just go to China and bring off the shelf products and market them under their brand. Product centric startups require totally different mindset and approach. They tend to take tens to hundreds of millions of dollars and five to ten years before reaching profitability. This is quite a contrast from “services” model that doesn’t require lot of capital and usually have small but quick returns.


Indian government doesn’t want to help manufacturers they just say make in India but they are just bullying

I think all manufacturing Industry should come and ask government to help.I myself manufacturer feel that we are not getting enough environment and any help

In our view, it is better to focus on what we can do as entrepreneurs and enterprises. expecting a lot from the govt may disappoint you. the best they can do is to set up policies that are conducive to start ups and sets level playing field.

One of the misconception with Indian manufacturers is that the entire Indian market requires low cost products. Though there is a lot of price consiousness in Indian markets, there is a segment in the Indian market which will go for costlier products provided the features match. A good example would be the tablet segment itself where the market is flooded with cheap and hardly usable tablets. Customers who bought these tablets subsequently found that there is not much that they can achieve with the tablet. If companies need to make profit then they ought to concentrate on innovative products with decent margins which will allow them to do research and come up with newer products and solutions. Only then will we find enough number of Indian companies having a respectable presence in the world markets.

Precisely. Smartron is trying to change that perception by bringing premium and high quality products