Jio network is not working when other sim mobile data is on

When another sim data is on jio sim no even showing signal .if I stop the mobile data of another sim then I have to go setting and the modification in network then only jio is showing the mobile is smartron t phone p

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As Jio Sim Works Only On 4G Network, When You Select 2nd Sim For Data It Changes The Mode Of 2nd Sim To 4G & The Jio Sim To 2G Mode, Hence You Cannot See Any Signal With Jio Sim As It Only Works In 4G Network Only.


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In redmi and in some other phones if we use another sim jio will network signal also

that’s fake signal :slight_smile: u cant call from jio at that moment !

We can’t call but get calls to that network

Hi @rajeshramisetti427 ,
I am srt user but I never felt any problem with jio settings. Hope this link helps you.


Hi @rajeshramisetti427
This is not an issue with the phone. In any phones out there, you can’t use Jio SIM without enabling the Jio data as Jio works only on 4G LTE and using VoLTE. In any case, if you see the range in the Jio SIM while the other SIM data is activated, it is a fake signal and you cannot able to call or receive the incoming calls and cannot even use the data.


Even after another sim mobile data off jio signal not automatically coming .Again I have to settings and have change the sim settings

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For out going calls any app is required for jio sim


No. P supports VoLTE. You can use the Jio SIM and call to other numbers without using any app. Please keep in mind that the preferred data should be on the Jio SIM to get the network.


Out going calls are not going from my jio network

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Turn on the data on the Jio SIM. Enable & disable the airplane mode and check.

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It may be DSDS setup i.e. dual sim dual standby with both slots acting as 4g modem. There are such devices in the market.


Hi @trn.shandilya,
Hope this link clarify your doubt.
SRT: Simultaneously Incoming call on 2 SIM's is not working


@Abhishek_TV is call forwarding available for jio if mobile data of any other operator is on???
So that i can not miss incoming call
Tried call forwarding from my phone and from jio customer care too but issue not resolved

yes it is available:)

How to do this…when i tried it was unsuccessful @truth_be_told

do it again. it fails sometimes during switch from LTE to WCDMA, so try again

Called jio customer care and self tried many tines too

But failed @truth_be_told