My phone is restarting itself and not able to log in

Got into recovery mode and cleared cache with no luck. Phone starts with start up password, upon entering the password, it accepts it and says starting android and then goes back to the password screen again. Not able to get into the system. Please help.

Try wipe data

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You may wipe the data, reset the device and check.

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I need the data on the phone and need help with restoring the same. If you have any steps to get it out first please help.

Also when the password screen comes after initial boot, the keybord blinks and looks like it goes and comes back again.

Friends, need hep any software to connect to phone from PC and recover my data. I need the data to be backed up and then can do a factory reset. Please help

Search on Google and YouTube…

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  1. I get the Smartron Symbol
  2. then Smartron SRT Phone logo and
  3. then “To start Android, enter your password” screen.
  4. Once I enter the password it says checking, then “starting Android…”

This loops again. Service Center team says they no longer support Smartron at Bangalore.

Thanks for the quick help. This is the one I searched. If anyone has experience please let me know.

The reason we come to these forums is to avoid google and get the right answers from the experts or the experienced ones.

Sorry to hear that the service centre denied the service of the You may contact @tcare and the concerned team will be happy to help you.
1800 301 02866
8:00 am to 9:00 pm

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I spoke to them and they said no contracts with support team at Bangalore and I may have to ship the phone to them. Have mailed them the details now. Thought of supporting the Made in India things, but its getting difficult. Hopefully we will get over these small things soon.

Thank You Sujit. Much appreciate your help. Installed telergam not able to join the group.

The link says the site cant be reached. closed the connection.

Please let me know what needs to be done.

Click on this link…and then clivk on smatron srt

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Done and posted the question. Members are helping now.

Bro ek ‘thank you’ to bolo…:joy::joy::joy::joy::grinning:

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Bahut Bahut Dhanyavaad.


But couldn’t get the solution to recover the files so far. Hopefully members will respond in the evening. Fingers crossed.

You can seach on YouTube…not for srt phone for other Android phones…and try to copy that methods… remember we are using Android phones… nothing can be impossible for Android world…

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Still no luck on the telegram group :(. Will google out and see if I get anything.