My t book charger broke. No stock at the store or on Amazon . What next?

My t book charger broke. The type c pin just fell off the power cord .no stock on smartron store or Amazon. What can I do? This charger issue seems like a chronic issue with smartron . I need a quick fix. I read on this forum that 5 A charger would work. Please respond @tcare

Hi @manognyabethapudi
Please contact @tcare
Through the tcare app on your Smartron device, get instant help or get in touch with us via phone or email
1800 301 02866

Super bro…Same pinch, mark my words within a week your keyboard will also fail…I don’t have any options rather than hitting my head on wall…Worst company bro.

I tried, the call gets disconnected stating that ur call could not be completed

Can you please send a mail to Our support team will get back to you!

Thanks Abishek,
Fortunately Mr.Srikanth from AP, Called me and solved my problem by despatching the adapter to Bangalore in No Time. The problem got resolved. Thanks for understanding my situ and your timely support.

My smatron tbook charger broke I want to buy a new charger but it’s not available any where … The Smartron support team help me out from this issue and provide me a new tbook adapter

You may please contact @tcare. Shoot a mail to explaining your issue.

I have sent the mail to tcare 2 week back but haven’t received any resolution. They are just saying that we are out of stock. Very bad service and it seems to be bad decision to buy the product

Can you share the ticket no? I will check with the team.