Network signal and Volte issue in tphonep

Hello Smartron team,

I am facing network fluctuations in the tphonep. I am not getting proper signals for Airtel and Jio, when i used the same sims in other phone i can see better signal strength. Also when signal drops Volte is getting disappeared, this is major issue you should look in. If there is no proper signal catching what is the use of having this phone in our pockets? similarly if volte gets disappeared i will not receive calls/messages to JIO as it only works on Volte. Please fix these issues in the update, expecting response and a fix for these issues. Thank you


So srt users not only one who faces these kind of issues

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Yes Rajesh, i think they need to work hard on the improvement of this product. If they not provide proper updates/solutions then soon will see big dip in their sales for sure.

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No doubt in it…these things will effect their sales… Their biggest fault was stop support for srt phone…

They won’t gonna provide any update. They can just only gives stupid suggestions!

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@mahipalreddyswapna Same here. I am also facing the signal issue. I thought that it was due to my area where the signal is bad. But upon some queries and checking the signal on other devices, I found out the issue is with p handset. Even the sound is very low in my case when I am playing any video/song on youtube. My last handset was from Asus and it has superb sound quality. Maybe because they use some sound amplifier in their hardware. How is your experience with sound while using earphone ?

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@sumandutta91 @mahipalreddyswapna
I have already forwarded this issue to the product development team.

Now there is no volte seen. Inpast it worked fine. Plz fix this. @Abhishek_TV

Try airplane mode on and off. It should fix it.

Fixed the problem. Thanks for quick response.

I am sure that is not permanent fix, if you see signal dip again your VOLTE will disappear :slight_smile: that is why we are requesting, permanent solution for this.


That’s what we need but Smartron have only temporary solutions.

Thanks Abhishek for forwarding this issue, but can you please confirm by when can we expect the update. Because we will not able to talk with bad signals, calls are getting dropped in-between. Xiaomi 5A which is much cheaper then this device is having better signal strength and also better performance. Please confirm by when we can expect the update for tphonep.


We have some challenges to roll out the update. I will get back to you once I get a concrete update regarding this.

In my phone, it is showing sim card not available/sim card error, while using Airtel and Jio at the same time. Please look into this and get a permanent solution…

Get a new phone from another brand

In which SIM are you getting “SIM card error”? Have you turned on preferred data for the Jio SIM as it is mandatory for the Jio to work?

I am having the Jio Sim as First sim and Airtel in second. Also I enabled the 4g for Jio. Still it is showing sim card error for Airtel. Please help.

Thanks for ur valuable suggestion.

Can you manually search the Airtel Network and register it?