New year New Phone

Just got my srt phone delivered today. Felt cheated as seller from Amazon sent me used phone. Actually it was my misunderstanding. New phone always come with plastic film wrapped to phone bit it wasn’t. Thanks to reply by some users, I came to realise that it’s normal.

First time I received update from manufacturer for software and firmware update. I used Asus, Coolpad, Xiaomi, LG but never got a single update. They just forget the customer. So used to root and then use custom ROMs. It was quite a learning for me. But very frustrating as I have to find way around from bugs, research and waste my time. But it was fun si I never mind.

Many user suggested not to go for update and try phone for few days with every update . But I must say updates are worth it. I downloaded 5 updates since I got he phone. I checked everything before update. And felt huge difference in camera, battery, smoothness, interface and other important aspects of a great phone.

Never felt heating issue with continuous callibg and screen on. Felt it first time. With my bother phone my ears used to get very warm if u talk even 5 mins and that helped me in saving talk time . Hahaha.

I hope smartron provide Oreo update in Jan 2018 as promised by co founder Mr Arthur. Display, smoothness and complete phone is awesome at the unbelievable price 7900/-.

Hope my experience will last for already for next few more years with this phone with great software support from Smartron.

Happy new year to all Smartron friends. Do comment and like and also share your experience.


Nice to hear that at least from you

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Thanks, how was your experience. You can’t expect more than this at this price range. No device can beat it at this price.


@Sushi_Sing Thank you for the awesome feedback! :slight_smile:


Hope what I said about software support is true for next few years. Hi @Abhishek_TV abhishek, I heard by co founder that Oreo will come in Jan 2018 is that true


Hope That Smartron Keeps Sending Updates For The Phone, Congrats On The New Phone And Happy New Year 2018 :v::grinning:


I am using this phone from last one month, and have similar experience. In-fact after using it for one month I have ordered same phone for my mother. It is one of the best Indian phones!!


Thank you @Jaydip. Glad to hear that!

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Even one plus have said that Oreo update will be delayed due to technical reasons. So let’s hope we get the update.

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@anujdhyani One Plus has started pusing Oreo in phases

That’s a best way. It’s new firmware, doing it in phases will ensure buggy software and time to make the update smooth fr end user


I don’t have oneplus, but I stated that they have delayed Oreo update after reading following article.

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I am still looking for orio updates.It is 7.1.2 version running , 13 February 2018.

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Bhai, Kya karoge Oreo ka. Enjoy nought. Stable aur bugfree milega update. Just wait or don’t even thing of it. People are mad about this Oreo. CHILL MARO.

Everyone is on same version

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