One More Indian Mobile Brand (Kult) #MadeinIndia

Website: Kult Beyond
First smartphone launched in 2015.
New product as of 2018 : Kult Impulse ( Kult Impulse 4g Smartphone – Best Budget Phone in India )

Fooling in the name of made in india. This kult brand also just rebrand various chinese sets. Products such as kult beyond etc. Are a cheap copy. Amazon reviews are worst too. Overall not worth it. Smartron is way better.

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Mt 6737…ruined the mobile…none will buy it

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But the new product Impulse looks promising only if they included a Snapdragon SoC instead of third class Mediatek.

Yee halat hai Indian company oo kaa…mt6737 :smiley::smiley::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

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Bhai kuch bolo

Most of the Indian brands except Smartron are all Mediatek products just to save cost.

Yes but what about their os experience

Is it like smatron???bugs

Well my first experience with an Indian brand is Smartron, so I am not capable enough to say about their OS experience. Last time I was excited about the Hive project from Xolo. But that too now is in cold storage. Few years ago Xolo created so much hype, now nobody talks about it.

Mine 2nd,1st was micromax a106…its still running but with custome rom…its been 4.5 yr

How was your experience with Micromax ?

Bro do you notice we can’t exchange any of smatron devices… It’s very bad

Nice 4.5 yr still running with no issues…

It’s os don’t have so many bugs like srt…

Their Canvas series was best in the past. Now it’s so difficult to compete with the Chinese


Do you facing heating issues with srt

Well my first phone from Smartron is p. I am not a hardcore user, the experience till now is good. No bugs or issues. There are rough edges, since the software feels little unoptimized. Looks like it unable to handle the hardware to it’s max limit. I heard from few users of this device that some games have issues in this phone while a different phone with the same SoC can play those games easily.

How many updates do you received till now…