One of the biggest pitfalls of 'Make in India' is focusing solely on manufacturing

##Along with jobs, we need to create value!

Make in India focus seems to be more on manufacturing because it is visible and could possibly generate more jobs. But, these are low paying jobs. Also, it has low barriers for entry. As a result, just like manufacturing moved out of USA to Japan then to South Korea and now to China, it can also move out of India to Africa or other low cost countries. Also, labour cost could become lesser and lesser of an issue as we continue to make progress on automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. 3D printing is a good example. It is not far-fetched to be able to print toys, office supplies, household utensils and other goods using $500-$1000 3D printer. Imagine the implications of this on manufacturing industry. So, it is important that we focus on product level innovation and product centric companies even if we push on manufacturing.

Make in India should be about “products” as much as it is about “manufacturing”. This will be the success formula for both short term and long term value and job creation and make India globally competitive and respected. A healthy product ecosystem would drive demand for manufacturing creating jobs for all skill levels.


Yes, Product level innovation and its prototyping using 3d printers is a good example as mention in your article. Focus also on innovation and quality and of course automation for larger production keeping quality as base. I hope and wish “Make in India” come out well and we reach new heights of success.

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Make in India should be about creating both manufacturing as well as product ecosystems. Just low cost, low value manufacturing would not be enough. We need high value, innovation and R&D driven product ecosystem for long term growth.

I completely agree that apart from just manufacturing, there is a strong need to focus also on automation, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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yes, we should focus on creating Apples, Teslas, SpaceXs, Huaweis of the world.