Opportunities in IoT lie in enabling highly personalized choices and timely solutions to problems

##Have we identified the opportunity areas?

The future is beyond smartphones, from wearables like smart-watches and health/fitness bands to autonomous devices and systems such as drones and self-driving cars to smart home with smart things like security cameras, climate control, lighting, appliances etc., to smart farming to smart cities to smart governance. Smartphones will continue to evolve and increasingly become more autonomous and intelligent in managing our lives whether it be at home or at office or on the go. Smartphones will go from being mere extensions of our brains to being actual brains.

More importantly, the opportunity is in making these devices talk to each other (M2M) in the background and provide us with highly personalized choices and timely solutions. The opportunity is to build a platform that connects all these devices together. The opportunity is in the cloud based services and support. IoT will improve efficiency and efficacy of people, homes, enterprises, cities, and nations leading to better life, productivity, security and safety.