Oreo Update Countdown: srt.phone users

After a long long long wait for Oreo update, all srt.phone users are very excited, and also getting impatient. Some are sceptical about it and some are very optimistic. It’s a bunch of mixed feeling you get, when u wait for something very desperately.

Let’s make this wait bit fun and share your real thoughts about upcoming update for your phone

  • I am optimistic about it.
  • I don’t believe on promises made by Smartron.
  • I am happy, just need stable Oreo update.
  • Give me security patches.
  • I need Oreo custom ROMs.
  • इतने में बस, इतना इच मिलेगा।

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Refer below post for Sneak peak if Android Oreo.




Just need stable update doesn’t care if it’s oreo or not by the end of the second week as promised by @smartron.


If smartron team is still working to improve srt.phone, please improve these too…

  1. No media is ever deleted or moved into trash from gallery. Rather, it is moved in to ANDROID/DATA/COM.SMARTRON.GALLERY/FILES folder. Every time you reboot the device all of deleted media comes back. Please, remove this bug.

  2. Heads up Notification off
    Watching a video with notifications popping up is very disturbing & annoying. Because, those notifications cover a lot screen area, almost hallf of the viewing area of video, and block the video. Also, when sharing your view with someone else, it kills your privacy too.

  3. Add a Compass App
    As it’s missing app to the hardware provided. Though, third party apps are available on play store but I don’t want those apps with full of advertisements, second it’s good if company provides all the needed apps to support theur hardware.

  4. Double tap/Finger print Wakeup
    Double tap/Finger print Sleep
    Though, I feel double tap is better, because some people may be using fingerprint for unlocking.

  5. LED for charging from any of 3 control buttons, just for charging not for notifications.

  6. Option to remove Search Bar as it occupies a lot space unnecessarily on home screen.


All forum members, already requested these features. I was on beta and now on stable FOTA5 coz of beta issues. Lets hope all these issues are addressed in coming update. I use Microsoft Launcher BETA as it offers great customisation and backup of everything.

@Abhishek_TV Humble reminder to you.


@Sushi_Sing you also started a kind of frustration… :grin::grin::grin::grin:


@mhvasani I am 100% with you. I really want the Basic things to work properly Mic issue, Battery draining issue, Heating issue, Speaker issue .
Other issues 1.WiFi suddenly looses its signal.
2. Over on call display won’t get off.
3. Sometimes touch while using internet ( browser) will not work.
The Other issues can be temporarily fixed by us by rebooting or in worst case factory reset.
But Basic issues we can’t do anything.


Yes… right


Thank you. Will try it…till we all get the New updates


I was waiting for that update
Thanks smartron
I hope all of us will receive it in a week


I don’t think even this month oreo update will release. It will taking time far more than expected. its Sad from srt team

Hi Guys, hope this year Good Friday will be the last Friday for “Nougat” and might be 1st day or 1st Good Friday for "Oreo ".
How many of you think that

A (1) Oreo will be released on or before Good Friday.

B (2) Oreo will be released only on or after Fools day.
( April 1st )

  • 1
  • 2

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Especially beta users are facing lot of problems Good hear that they confirmed in this week they are rolling out Oreo update


Also need improvement on fingerprint. It’s something stuck… . Getting error lots time


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Launcher is also laggy in tronx beta. Fone heat up very much

Go for custom ROM with security patch September 2018.
2 custom roms based on Oreo 8.1 available for srt.phone, LOS and AOSP extended.

Does it require root

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No it’s not necessary. You need to unlock the bootloader and install twrp. Don’t flash magisk.