OTA update for tphone

Hi All,

We are pushing firmware update for tphone in next two weeks, below are changes:

  • Smartron Apps usability enhancements
    (a) Camera
    (b) Gallery
    © FM radio
  • JIO Bux Fixes and Stability changes
  • New tronX Platform
  • Voice Quality Enhancements
  • Latest security patches



That’s great Sir
BTW what about srt phone

Srt update due in first week of July.


I appreciate it. Better be late than never

Thanks for your CEO!
Waited too long for this

Received the update. Thanks. Not seeing much improvement in camera,but good to have April’s security patch rather than last October’s. I hope we get regular security patches in future (at least once in three months).

Tphone received an update a week back. The following are the changes I see in the device after the update.

  1. Camera: no noticeable change in image quality for most of the time.
  2. Call quality : the call quality has improved a lot. Especially, previously I was not able to talk phone calls in speaker mode for some reason but now the calls through speaker is good. Also when we have both arms busy, we tend to cling our phones between our ears and shoulder for calls. Previously I was not able to do that because the person speaking on the other side can’t hear me but now that had changed and I find no difficulty in doing that.
  3. Battery : this is one place where I see a huge improvement. I Start my day with 100% at 9.30am everyday. Previously my battery drained down to 40% at 4pm, but now I have at least 55% with similar usage at 4pm. Still stand by battery drain is same at 6% in 8hrs of no usage.
  4. Performance : I saw some lags in tphone two weeks back. I installed clean master app after a suggestion here in the forum. After the update, I have uninstalled clean master and have seen no lags since then.
  5. Security : it’s funny to see that we get april security patch in July. But still, it’s better than having an October security patch.

Same here.

  1. No camera improvement
  2. Battery drain improved
  3. Can’t see Hungama music app after the update, was nice
  4. performance improved

Expecting regular updates!

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Ya I totally expect them to give us security patches and bug fixes at least quarterly once for another year. @RohitRathi kindly note.