Our smartron

I Just got our Indian branded smartron srt phone.This is my first smartphone after using spice Android one dream uno mi 498 phone.

The phone is simply a beast powered by snapdrgon 652 octacore processor, 4gb ram( never runs out for daily users ).
One of the best feature of this phone is type C.
Wow the data transfer and the charging rates are amazing.
The battery backup is great.
The SAR values are amazing when compared to other phones.
The average weight makes it easy to handle.
Using the Srt phone from 1 day.
Updated till the latest versions after receiving 5 updates.
The current version is nougat 7.1.2.
I didn’t experience any issues except the camera,call speaker output and output speakers.
The rear camera can be better for a 13 MP specification.There is too much noise or no focus on complete frame.
The speaker volume was low on call and the quality is so not good.
The speaker out at the bottom is well placed the volume is good but the quality is really disappointing.
Compared to my previous phone this sound quality is not good at all.There is no clarity at some frequencies which is expected for a music lover.

But the sound quality on headphones(on my Sony MDR -ZX110A) is amazing than ever experienced on other devices (my previous device and pc).
Hope smartron can fix these through any updates.
Thank you smartron for such a good product.


Smarton is very slow to provide updates… Remember that

i also bought srt phone last month and I’m really enjoying it! :blush:

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Same here! Using the SRT Phone for the past month. Really happy with it. And welcome to the Smartron community, T_mK!

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Hello tcare! I brought this phone by online on Jan 13 2018,but that day onwards I tried to contact this company customer care but still I didn’t get connected, because overall of this phone performance is very poor, especially with battery performance it is get early low,100% of battery it was suddenly down within 1hour in absence of data also and this phone is always very hot if it is pocket also…pls reply our request otherwise definitely I will go to consumer court…

Sorry to hear that. Can you share the battery usage screenshot?