Performance of tphone

Hi, Am planning to buy phone in 20K range. Though of buying made in india t phone. But the reviews in e commerce sites are not encouraging. With frequent updates which many persons are claiming that the company gives, whether the performance has become better. Can somebody throw light on this.

Called toll free number yesterday evening at 5.30PM to know whether my pin code 721132 is available for delivery but so far there is
no response.

Hi Mandyam,
Can u please share your contact number?

Customer care support team.


@MANDYAM tphone performance is really good. Its raw performance has been great right from day one. Camera performance was average when I bought but after updates camera performance is above average. I bought it for 25k but the price now is below 20k. U can certainly go for it. U can check other threads for camera samples and all. Their after sales service is good too. U can buy this phone from amazon, so the delivery to your area won’t be an issue.

Thanks a lot sir. Spoke with their sales team. They have promised to
deliver to my address.


Nice decision man. You can avail 5K discount as the company reduced the price. Great deal for 19,999. (Y)

But from day 1 primary camera performance is very very bad. Raised the
issue with tcare, but not yet resolved

Did you update the software? Please update the firmware and check.

Hi Mandyam, Customer Care Team will contact you soon and will resolve the issues.
Thanks & Regards, Smartron Customer Care

Is ur software up to date? Check out pictures we have posted in other forums. If u r getting worse pictures than what we ve posted even after the update, contact tcare.