Please Share details about and expected price range and x-factor about phone looks promising can anybody share the details about the phone

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A separate tphone launch event is planned for later this month. thank you for your patience and support. we want to deliver the best. we have been testing the device for more than 6 months and we want to make sure it meets the high expectations set by you and ourselves.


previously you told its 18th of April? Ohh I am planning to purchase a mobile with April, I am bit curious about IRIS unlocking feature, But Smartron are postponed EVENT:sob:

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we are planning a grand event to unveil more details about tphone either in the week of April 18th or 25th. We would rather be one week late but give the best in class experience. thank you for your patience and support. we appreciate it.


When the phone will be available in the market after launch?

Can you give the price range, if not the exact amount?

Dear All, thank you so much for your patience, support and excitement. we are working super hard to deliver tphone to live up to the expectations. we have met with overwhelming response for tbook. the design and quality is an utmost priority for us. we will be launching the tphone with spec, pricing and availability details and tronx benefits very shortly. We are looking at April 28th and need to make sure the availability of key stakeholders. we will be making launch date announcement shortly. you will be the first to know. All we can assure is that tphone will not disappoint.


please try to work on edge to edge screen or curved screen for better aesthitics.

Are you people also planning to work on display, camera and sound for better unique ecosystem.

good thought!! u will see it in tphone2.

absolutely!! Moreover, tronx with integrated tcloud, tcare, tstore and other services will give lot more rich and seamless experience

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When you launch smartron t phone 2?

Bala, it will be around the month end. we are just trying to meet the unprecedented response gotten for tbook. we are trying to give enough spacing so that we deliver tbook with same level of quality and experience.

Hi, by the time t phone 2 will come there will be flexible smartphones in the market. pls try to match up the innovation with global pace. Why we are bound to purchase good tvs from samsung and sony, Camera from nikon and canon, speakers from bose and jbl and processors from intel an qualcomm. While you have our own processors. Pls look in to that.

IIt Kanpur and iit madras have good solutions for oled display.
Try to look into that.

what does it mean they have good solutions for OLED display? anyways, we are working with various IITs and other institutions to build strong relationships with academic.

IIt kanpur have devloped the technology for oled amd possibly flexible oled. While iit madras are working developing low cost manufacturing of oled panels. This might help in developing mature technological ecosystem in india.

can you please send some more details to; we would love to support local ecosystem as much as possible. for that reason, we have created the whole “open innovation platform” to co-create collaborative ecosystem.

SCDT IITKanpur This is the link or iit kanpur

do india does not have the technolgy to manufacture personal cameras.