Poor servicing

I had a battery charging issue where my phone did not charge when at certain battery percentage.
I have given my phone at Unique infosystems which is a official service center for phones.
Its been there since 2 weeks & yet the part to be replaced has not arrived.

Need to escalate this poor service. Phone already in warranty. Need to think twice before buying next smartron phone because of it.

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Please contact @tcare
1800 301 02866
8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Kindly note that, on calling the number above, they have clearly failed to provide details related to servcing my product.
I have provided my email id & if I do not get a confirmation regarding my phone I will move to consumer court by Saturday, 14th July 2018

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Please share your job sheet number. Our concerned team will be looking at it. @kartik.isworking @tcare

work order number - MLD/SM/18/00027
TIN number - 27371160689V

I also sent a mail to tcare stating the same, my ticket number is 5310337096

complaint booked on national consumer helpline.
as no reply received from tCare


Nice work bro

Extremely sorry for the unpleasant experience. I will ask our concerned team to look into this issue ASAP. Can you personal message me your contact number?


Did you hear back on your problem? I am seeing a different issue with srt phone and no response from @tcare

no all these things are for namesake only

I have escalated this issue with high priority. Our concerned team will get in touch with you shortly.

@Abhishek_TV @tcare I went to service center when they said phone was working properly. I checked if it was charging and it worked fine at that time. I took it back home & started facing the exact same problem. I had to return my phone on the very same day.

If this isn’t poor quality servicing then what is?
You guys have the phone since a month & output is 0.

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