Realme 2 Pro is coming. Does Smartron still think, that they will stand before companies like realme?

I think Yes, being an indian company they have made quite stable & handy products.
Its just about “uniqueness” and some useful features to attract users.

But they lacked of uniqueness, also they are not updated with trend. Their software is buggy, after sale support is disaster. Also, they are happy with their Cycle(invention of volta motors, acquired by Smartron).
Ek cycle to khud se bana nhi paaye ye log, ghanta smartphone provide karenge ye.

Maze ki baat toh ye hai, ki inhe koi fark nhi padta, customers kitna bhi kuch kahe, inhe fark nhi padne waala. Because they don’t want to prove Indian customers that they have guts to survive in the market flooded by chinese players like Xiaomi and Realme(New but very strong contender in smartphone market)