Regarding Extended Warranty issue not accepted by Service Center

Hi Team,

I am Vinay Deore. I purchased srt mobile. When I purchased this mobile that time i got an offer of extended warranty and back cover. Now, My mobile display not working. i went to the service center they filled up my job sheet. but they told me, you have to paid money for that & smartron not provide extended warranty. Is that correct?.. they told there system shows paid service for display replacement. what i can do?.. They are not accepting my mobile in extended warranty. They also told me give the email proof from smartron for extended warranty. so you can check the attachment of Flipcart invoice copy and reply on this mail.

when i purchase that time i send mail on for regarding extended warranty. from my this mail id. i got reply from your side as, " Your Flipkart invoice will serve as the extended warranty that was guaranteed along with the back covers. Your mobile IMEI no has already been white listed under one year extended warranty " . i have that mail conversation in my mail id. if my mobile in extended warranty then why i paid money for Display replacement?..

I forward attachment of my mobile order Flipcart invoice copy Screenshot.

Service Center Fill up my Job Sheet Number is = PNE/SM/18/00014

Service Center Name is SGN Enterprises, Pune

Ticket No: 5366658756

I also send mail to
Smartron Caretron,
Smartron SRT

Please look into the issue and solve it as soon as posibile.

Tell me what can i do ???..

@vinaydeore Please contact @Abhishek_TV and @tcare by tagging them in your message.

Our @tcare team will look into it and provide you a solution. You may please wait for a response from the @tcare team as you have already sent a mail.

@tcare @Abhishek_TV… Please Look into my issue…and solve as soon as possibile…

i faced lots problem without my mobile… Do early as possible…

Display is not physical damage. It also check by smartron service center. it automatically stop working.