Shouldn’t multiple devices speak one common language?

##We need an ecosystem that connects all our devices making communication seamless

The challenges are in connecting all the devices together and making them talk to each other. This includes collecting and processing all the data in the back-end cloud and performing big data analytics to deliver useful information to people, enterprises and government in timely manner to improve overall productivity, efficiency, safety and security.

#####Source: NEC

IoT is already happening and redefining the way we lead our lives. Smart phones start telling us what we need and what we should do like it tells us the best time to leave for office based on traffic congestion on the roads or reminds us a TV show based on our past viewing history. Smart watches and fitness bands start to monitor our health and connect us to our doctors 24/7 to provide timely diagnosis and prescriptions. We are able to monitor our homes better. We get to know if there is a gas leakage at home through alerts on our phones. We can remotely manage the power consumption at home while we are away. Unmanned or autonomous vehicles like drones are already here and early versions of self-driving cars are already on the roads. Same with enterprises. The combination of smart devices, sensors, cloud computing, cloud storage, huge bandwidth, sophisticated analytics software will help enterprises to manage themselves better and offer greater products, solutions and services to their customers.

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Great read! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what we make of it and finding a balance of control is the need of the hour. AI was created to aid us, and it is up to us to ensure it stays that way. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Finally a forum that knows what it’s talking about. Great to read your posts. Looking forward for more!

Getting tens of billions of devices to talk to each other running on different platforms like android, windows, ubuntu etc would be the key for the success of IoT and the next wave of productivity and efficiency. Big companies are busy fighting to establish their platform as the de facto IoT platform. But, the reality is that there are going to be multiple platforms and the key would be making them inter-operable like cell phones working across carriers seamlessly.