Smartron 2.0 | The Legacy continues

Our journey and the legacy of innovation continues with Smartron 2.0. More than 5 years ago, Smartron started the journey with a vision to build India’s first global OEM and IoT brand. We were the first to recognize the need for India’s own Samsung or Huawei well before the current global geopolitical and supply chain (re)alignments vis-a-vis China.

Over the last 5 years, we have developed and launched a wide range of products from smartphones to laptops to ebikes to things for smart home & cities powered by tronX, our own AIOT platform working on cutting edge smart, sensors, AI/ML, IoT, ADAS/AD, Robotics and Cloud technologies.

Over the next 5 years, we want to make Smartron a household name for anything smart and intelligent both in India and worldwide. Thank you for all your support and patience.

Thanks to all those who keep reminding our mission and keeping us motivated.


We all are waiting eagerly to get news of new smartphone from Smartron.

After smartron’s exit from smartphone market we all were very disappointed, but now we all all excited to see Smartron 2.0. Currently Smartron phone users number is very low but they are still have love for this brand. I know you guys have done very good job in terms of iot but in smartphone there was no news from last 3 to 4 years so after getting this news we all are happy and we hope that in Smartron do something great in second inning and learn from previous mistakes in marketing the product.

Still many people don’t know about Smartron brand so that need to be corrected on priority. and we know the product which you make is good and next Smartron will be more exciting incremented version of previous smartphones like #products:srt-phone #products:tphone.

Please also update us about different progression in the testing, features, specifications etc of the upcoming phone as many people are waiting to buy phone which is made in India not just made by India company.

Apart from that I also suggest you that the forum should also be updated regularly with the kind of teasers or some kind of updates about different products you already have. This is increase user engagement on forum and build interest in others.

Exit of previous Forum Manager Abhishek, who was a very good person and handled community very well, was very bad news very active users. Now I think will handle this forum as community manager so I wish you the best of luck and hope you will make forum, a great place.

Thank you for the update @aadhavan.somappa @Team @tcare and expecting more updates from you in coming months.


@aadhavan.somappa Thanks for the update. It is indeed a pleasure to hear that Smartron is being revived again after its Flagship release of Smartron SRT Phone. I initially congratulate you for coming on the front of the forum for this 2.0.

My suggestion is to get updated with the happenings of users of Smartron in and out of forums for the last 5 years to learn from the experiences. But, keep the forum posted with the updates regularly whether technical (new releases) or non-technical (incentives for users on forum as Tron Coins) thereby engaging the users. Key to remember is that Mouth publicity is the best form of publicity and Smartron can not afford to lose this.

As @Sushi_Sing rightly mentioned, we are very excited if Smartron is planning on another smartron in view of current market conditions and geo-political front advantages.

Last but not the least, Congratulations to @Team @tcare for the Second Innings.

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Happy :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush: to see Smartron coming back in Mobile Industry. I heard Smartron working on 3 devices :blush:. I am excited for the devices . :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

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thank you for your continued patronage and patience. you will be seeing more and more activity both on the products and forum front in the coming weeks!!


Good to c smartron coming back. U said u will correct the marketing flaws in ur statement. But one other thing you have to care is the service section which was very poor during smartron 1.0. One thing also to say is that pls don’t launch any 4g phone. Market is flooded with 4g phones. Pls launch only 5g phones now. Posting this message from my smartron srt phone. I have two srt phones with me in working condition. The financial express says 40 million users will take 5g within the first year of 5g rollout. So go for 5g instead of 4g

Good inputs.

Release some info of upcoming phones like the specs

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Dear Mr. Viju,

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks & Regards,
Tcare team.

Please bring some good budget friendly laptops along with tbook :blush::pray: .

Stay tuned. Announcements are forthcoming regarding tbook plans. Lot of people are asking for a cheaper and clamshell version of tbook

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Thank you Smartron for plans to bring affordable laptops :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

Now , NFC enabled mobiles are being used as PoS machines to accept payments by merchants . You have launched back then smartron srt phone with NFC support . Now , please launch upcoming mobiles with NFC support . :pray::blush:

Now companies like redmi, realme, poco
are providing 18 w fast charging in their now running models realme 8 5g, poco M3 pro 5g, redmi note 10t 5g models. But smartron gave us 18w charging then itself in srt phone


Hope Smartron 2.0 gives something which is ahead of it’s time by end of this year.

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Dear @ChanduPriyaKola ,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions, we shall definitely work on them.

Thanks & Regards,
T-care team.

Dear @viju ,

Thank you for the continued support. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks & Regards,
T-care team.

Dear @Sushi_Sing,

Thank you for patronizing our products. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks & Regards,
T-care team.

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What’s the current status of smartron 2.0. LAVA has launched its first Indian made 5g phone. Launching late means u miss the bus

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Do U still have working Srt phone??