Smartron T5525 available for sell on

I was searching a website to see what Smartron phones cost in used phone market and got a chance to see a device, which is not launched by Smartron officially and may be they have dropped the plan to launch it. I don’t think @Abhishek_TV can give more information about it. But how can these guys get the phone? They must be test units or something.

So, guys here is the link to of that post. The phone is in really bad shape and user who posted this ad is not responding to chat.


Thanks for reporting it. Let me check this.

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He may be some insider or he got the phone from some insider, just like pro.

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Isn’t it pro?

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It may be. User who posted this ad never replied yet. Specification does look same. It may be powered by SD 653.


652 and 653 both same…same heating issue

Did u find anything about T5525 ad on olx