[SOLVED] Not Able To Re-Connect Tband

Band working perfectly but suddenly it is disconnected from my iPhone.application was showing me to go to Bluetooth settings and connect again but now T band is not visible in Bluetooth settings. I have putted Tband in Pairing mode but still it’s not visible.i tried to Pairing it with My one plus 6 but still I’m not able to connect it.


You may unpair it and connect again.
Step 1) Open the thealth app >> Click on “Settings” >> Click on “unpair” >> Click on “Yes”

Step 2) Open the phone’s default “Settings” >> Click on the “Bluetooth” >>Select the “tband” >> Click on the “Forget This Device”

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@Abhishek_TV I have done “forget this device” but issue is I’m not able to re-pair with that phone I Have putted Tband in Pair mode by tapping 2 times but still Tband is not visible

Have you done this as well?

All products have bugs. First try to resolve the bug and after that launch new products
Because when I am using srt on 7.1.2 it was a great phone but now it sucks
Battery life is worst
It heats allot and hangs as well.
And no guarantee for next update which can fix all this issue.
Thank you for giving us this great software.

Thank you.

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Hi, even I am facing connectivity issues and I am not able to connect either to my iPhone or Android phone. Customer care number also no use, looks like need to ask for refund and return the band.

@maneeshk3 @gmgatumali
Can you open t.health app > Settings and check whether the firmware is up to date or not?

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@Abhishek_TV but I am not able to connect to the band, it is not discovered by either iPhone or Android phone. Had installed app on both phones but both failed to connect to the band. Kindly call me on [confidential number]

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I have reported this issue to the concerned team.

@Abhishek_TV no one has contacted me , kindly suggest way forward

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@Abhishek_TV please Do Something. I don’t want to waste 4999 because If we can’t connect This band to any phone It will become Useless and Flipkart 10 days replacement Will not work because already 15 days gone
I’m tired of doing all the things
Is there any software Available from where I can Do factory reset of band?

You can reset the t.band from the t.health app on your smartphone. Have you updated the t.health app from the play store? If not, please do and check.

@Abhishek_TV Brother I’m Not able to connect it to my phone how is it possible to go to app and reset watch

You may please contact @tcare
1800 301 02866
8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Please share your contact number to my inbox. We will get in touch with you.

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@Abhishek_TV from where I can inbox u :joy:not able to find any Thing inbox in your profile

Click on my profile > Messages. You can then create the message and send.

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not able find any thing like messages my contact number: [confidential number]

Thank you for sharing this. Our concerned team will get in touch with you soon.