Spec of tphone

First of all a big congratulations to Smartron team for tbook and tphone. I was glancing through the specifications of tphone. And they are simply awesome, killer specs. This phone specswise matching nexus 5x and one plus 2. However a very important feature is missed. Which is NFC. Nearfield communication is very useful in connecting phone to near by devices such as digital slrs. Phone practically can be used to control the camera focusing and shutter. I wish this feature could have been included in such a well-spec, flagship phone.

I found this is a good community, building up slowly.

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Atindra, welcome to the tron community. NFC is going to be bigger and pervasive in the coming years. We have made a conscious decision not to support in the first gen tphone taking BOM and market readiness into consideration. As you have noticed, we have balance the spec and features optimally for India market conditions and of course the design and build quality is super rich.

we hope to use this forum to source lot of the ideas for next gen products. Our next gen devices will have NFC anf other interesting features such as face recognition, gesture controls etc to control IoT environment.

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