and Samsung On5 Camera Sample

Hi Freinds,

Here is one pic for camera comparison between (bought on October 2017) and Samsung On5 (Bought on March 2016).

Both Pricture clicked on same day & same time for better understanding.

I’m not photographer or Photoshop etc. professional… just a normal user and photo posted are without any editing.

Photo from SRT.Phone (October 2017 with all Updates)

Photo from SAMSUNG ON5 (2016 Model)

Much difference is there


Is there any way to improve SRT.Phone camera quality?



check photo posted by you … too much grainy…

Hmm… Maybe you know what ,… even the display screen might be playing a factor… Wild guess…but maybe srt screen needs some rework too to display our snaps more clearly…


where screen display came in between while we are discussing about camera quality ?

I’m not much of a techno savvy guy; thus my comment… Wonder what you would’ve done if I suggested it was something wrong with our eyes that perceive our photographs on our devices differently… Anyway this forum is fun!..

The camera is good though for me I am satisfied but if they are updating it will be better than ever


…in such case need to check eye with eye specialist … simple :joy:

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Yeah… I thought so… Like I said , this forum is fun…

Use Open camera from play store or for rich colour and textures use Adobe Lightroom…
Apparently software development for srt has been Achilles heel for the company…they aren’t getting anything right.

Use 3rd party apps.adobe Lightroom or open camera.


You may be right… Achilles heel… but Smartron are trying hard… way better than lot’s of other hyped brands… who just selling products due to MASSIVE advertising BUDGET but no real software support/update once you buy the handset.

I tested Open Camera with Samsung ON5 but unable to notice much difference between Stock Camera pics & with Open Camera.

Will surely try Open Camera with to check,

Thanks for reply

It’s the same reason why I have bought it…and I would have even recommended it to many people if the experience wouldn’t have been glitchy like this…wifi and network problems…clocked down CPU to curb heating and still not being effective…camera issues… still I am optimistic about future updates…

I think srt team should provide camera update in which camera will click the picture when touched on specific area for focus… Thanks

I think SRT Camera get update on 16 or 17/10/2017 when I was updating apps … though not sure…

Hope camera issues addressed in coming update

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Google camera mod for srt phone!!
Great results especially in the low light conditions…have used it for 1month…