Student Discount Update

Guys, I have been a silent bystander for a while. The work you are doing, to initiate the production of quality Indian products in an increasingly fragmented and globalised market in India - is worthy of the highest praise.

The will be the first product that i will purchase. I would appreciate it, if you would answer a few questions -

  1. I am a Student, about to start my MBA next month. I would really appreciate an update on your Student Discount scheme. Has there been any progress with the policy, that you mentioned in an earlier post.

  2. The will be my daily driver for minimum 2 years ( i ll put my faith in your product to last 24 months of heavy usage ). However, when the new models do come out - will there be an Exchange Scheme to financially ease transition into the new models ?

  3. Is there a possibility that you guyz will partner up with Custom ROM publishers like Paranoid or Cyanogen, in the years ahead ?

  4. What are the security features of your Tronx service? Zero-Knowledge / Encryption ?

Guys, please get back to me, when you find the time. Congrats again on your fine effort.


Dear Smartron,
The point in having a forum is communication with the company. You have well-wishers, in the Indian public. BUT, please start proper dialogues with potential customers. The forum is not seeing enough activity. Sort out your taciturn behavior. Please.