T.band - Front sensor not responding to touch

t-band order delivered on May 23rd.

For the past 2-3 days, the front sensor has become flaky and does not respond to touch. Repeat touches / taps are needed to activate the display. Additionally, since Sunday (July 07th) i dont see the band tracking steps or anything else despite normal battery charge.

Please advise.

Let the t.band die out of charge, charge it and sync with the app again and check.

Abhishek - I did as advised and same problem remains. At this point, the band has ceased any kind of tracking in addition to having the front sensor issue. Please advice next steps towards speedy resolution.

You may please update the t.health app from the Play Store and try again.

App was updated yesterday (July 18th). Please provide me with either concrete suggestion on how to fix this issue or process a refund for the product.

@Abhishek_TV - Any further response ? App has been updated again and there is no change in the front sensor performance.

You may please contact @tcare
1800 301 02866
8:00 am to 9:00 pm

I am back again !!!

The last time, I had sent in my TBAND and got it back and worked fine till this week.

The metal strip at the back of the TBAND has come off now (probably due to sweat and other factors) and now, the same problem is back where the band does not respond to touch and is not able to measure.

Please help !!!

You have to contact @tcare again regarding this.