T-Band Users Help

Hey all,
I’ve a T-Band and I’m facing Bluetooth issues that has made the band unusable. My replacement is on the way.
My question is this

Is there anyone in this group who is having a t-band that is working properly without throwing issues please?

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Nothing new! All Smartron products have issues.

Request you to elaborate the issue.

@Abhishek_TV I’ve stated this before in another thread about Bluetooth just turning off and I’ve managed to fix it myself and the steps that you had given did not work. This post is merely to check if anybody is having a good time with the band to see if I’ve to ask for a refund or use it because I love the band but it seems like just a concept at this point.

@Amey Are you also using the band. I didn’t know Smartrone products until this band and since this was promising I bought it and if this works as it should it is the best band in the market but it does not. Seems like this is merely a concept band isn’t it?

I’m getting a replacement band today. I’m going to try and give it a shot and if this fails I’m going to ccall it quits and use my 999 INR Mi band that I got 7 years back which works well like I bought it yesterday and has 30 days battery life and works as it should.

I’m saddened by this. I really wish their products worked. If not anything, at least this band. Seems like a great concept. I just got my replacement band and I’m hoping that this does not give me problems. fingers crossed wish me luck cause if it works i’m a happy camper. I’ll tell you why. This actually tracks my sleep during the day. No other tracker does. I like that a lot. I work nights and I really benefit from this tracking.

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Yea good luck for that! **Fingers Crossed :crossed_fingers:. :rofl::rofl: