T-Carebapp is useless app

Call never connected, no email replies, chat screen keep on loading, why I bought Smartron SRT


Sorry to hear that. You may please elaborate the issue.

SRT is not using all power of snapdragon 652. During gaming GPU underclock it to 300 MHz from 600 MHz.

Please provide ur own made calander in new update Google calendar is useless it doesn’t show any Indian frestival

You are right bro i also checked this while playing assault 8…

If this kind of stuffs happen to apple then their customers will sue the company to court…

As far as I know, we haven’t decreased the clock speed of the CPU or GPU. Where did you get this information? Please share so that I can check with the concerned team.

Always stick to 266 mhz …during gaming 500 max

How are you checking the clock speed during gaming? Also, clock speed varies according to the requirements and it isn’t a fixed number. It can go up to a maximum of 600 MHz as we haven’t limited it.

Then why it is lagging on 7.1.2 it’s running smooth but on 8.0 it’s lagging…i am only one who is complaining…everyone complaining about it and you guys think we are joking…

There are many factors which can affect gaming performance like the free internal memory you have, apps running in the background, whether the phone is in the battery saver mode or not etc. We have to check that.

See this storage 50.13 gb free and ram 2.2 gb free now say

@Abhishek_TV Now say what will be my next step

You may share your number to my inbox. Our concerned team will get back to you.

This problems are not only my phone others too facing these problems…

Yes,I am also face same problem

@Abhishek_TV you should why you skip these kind of questions… Please answer it

See GPU clock speed is less than 600 MHz during gaming. GPU clock speed is 300 MHz instead of 600 MHz and CPU clock speed is 1.4 GHz instead of 1.8 GHz

Why we got 3.5 GB ram instead of 4gb